Hail Roof Damage Repair For Homes In Memphis, TN

Premier Hail Roof Damage Repair in Memphis, TN

For years, Huntingdon O’Neill Roofing has provided premier hail damage roof repair services throughout Memphis, TN and the surrounding areas. Our fully-licensed company will take care of your hail-damaged roof from start to finish. We’re affordable and try to complete work with minimal downtime so that you can get back to your day-to-day as soon as possible. If you’re searching for a local roofing hail damage contractor that will keep your unique needs and budget in mind, you’ve come to the right place.

Signs Of Hail Damage To Your Roof

After a hail storm, it’s essential to check your roof for signs of hail damage. We recommend that homeowners never try and asses for hail damage on their own. If they choose to, they do so from ground level for safety reasons. The professionals at Huntingdon O’Neill Roofing are here for you and will be more than happy to come out to your property and provide you with a free hail damage roof inspection. Signs of hail damage can include:

  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Clogged or broken gutters and downspouts
  • Hail splatter marks on your driveway
  • Damaged siding or windowsills
  • Torn windows or door screens
  • Broken or cracked glass on windows or doors
  • Shredded or damaged plants and flowers
  • Hail-damaged cars in the neighborhood
  • Roofing contractor yard signs
  • Door dents or paint damage
  • Algae or moss growth on shingles

Our Hail Damage Roof Inspection Checklist

After a significant hail storm, it’s essential to inspect your roof for signs of hail damage. Doing this can prevent damage from going unnoticed and worsening over time. When damage is left to fester on your home’s exterior, it can often negatively impact your home’s interior as well. Below, we’ve listed the steps to take when inspecting your roof for hail damage.

  1. Assess your roof for hail damage
  2. Check gutters, roofing accessories, and windows
  3. Inspect the area around your home
  4. Check for leaks and water spots
  5. Call Huntingdon O’Neill Roofing
  6. Call your homeowner’s insurance company

Our Hassle-Free Roof Repair Services For Hail Damage

When hail damage occurs to your roof, numerous issues can arise, including water damage, UV damage, and shingle damage – none of which is ideal. To prevent unnecessary damage to your home’s exterior and interior, we offer hassle-free roof repair services for hail damage. These services include:

  • Hail damaged roof inspection
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Expert, free estimates
  • Roof hail damage repairs
  • Roof replacement when necessary

Why Choose Huntingdon O’Neill Roofing?

As one of the best-rated roof hail damage repair specialists in the Memphis, TN area, you can trust our expert team to deliver premier hail damage roof repair service. Our highly-skilled roofing experts are professional, polite, and licensed. Our family-owned business has served the local area for many years. We stand by our quotes, and we offer lifetime warranties available upon request.

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Huntingdon O’Neill Roofing offers its Memphis, TN customers a five-year workmanship warranty on all roof tear-offs, a three-year workmanship warranty on all roof layovers, lifetime warranties upon request, and of course, free estimates. We are determined to provide stress-free experiences from start to finish. We are committed to the highest-quality standards and providing our valued customers with peace of mind throughout the process. Choose Huntingdon O’Neill Roofing as your hail damage repair company. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or request a free estimate.



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